M Company at Breckenridge

This photo taken at Camp Breckenridge shows M Company, 331st Infantry, the heavy-weapons company of the 3rd Battalion. The GI near the center (circled) is Cpl. Wallace Duke. Thanks to Sonny Duke for allowing us to use this photo. (Please click on the photo for a larger view.)

The following information was provided by James McCann, son of 1st Sgt. Austin J. McCann who served in M Company. 1st Sgt. McCann served in all campaigns of the 83rd Division, and was seriously wounded July 9, 1944 by a mortar fragment. He was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart among other awards:

Austin J. McCann's copy of the M Company, 331st Infantry photo from Camp Breckinridge has notations on the back including the last names of every soldier in the company. The photo is printed on 11 X 14 stock and the image is 9 X 13.

A stamp on back of photo reads:

Refer to this No. E2939 when ordering additional copies of this photograph.

They will be sent anywhere.  Stone's Studios, 717 Main St., Evansville, Ind.

The image posted above does not include two soldiers cut off at the right of the first row. Line counts and company totals in italics below are not shown in the original photo notes. 

The photo description reads:

March 13, 1944: Co. "M", 331st Infantry, 83rd Division

Camp Atterbury, Indiana - October '42 to June '43

Tennessee Maneuvers - June '43 to September '43

Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky - September '43 to March '44    Next - ?

All rows listed left to right.

1st Row (21): Friery, R. Jones, Easley, Hanley, Stephanik, Hacker, Cantrell, Pavao, Sayres, Trimmer, Voisin, C.B. Brown, Carper, Wright, Milstead, Padula, McFarland, Singler, Grogan, Tolerico, Wm. Jones 

2nd Row (19): Lee, Turner, Galati, Cherry, Kerns, Rodgers, Rash, Helmers, Lt. Drake, Lt. Loboy, Lt. Kreamer, Capt. Wentworth, Lt. Lamon, Lt, Pierce, Lt. Bohnett, Barb, Dopp, Herakovic, Quiroz 

3rd Row (20): Amstutz, Suko, McNeil, Crossley, Turunen, Flynn, Sparks, Shealy, Galendo, Killian, Duke, Cromer, Rockwell, Nansteel, Finn, J. Edwards, Lamb, McLemore, Cook, McCann 

4th Row (21): Weinsteiger, W. Wilson, Sacchetti, Moody, Lojewski, Galusky, Stalker, Miller, Hardie, Nemeth, Demers, Dougherty, Orsich, Evans, Rader, Gagliardi, Nordstrom, Meale, Hill, DeStefano, Fields 

5th Row (22): Hodge, Seese, Rhea, Fowler, Compton, Erwin, L. Wilson, Davidson, Kinnard, Cox, Ghere, Hulbert, C. Jackson, Henderson, Lindsey, Dobbins, Eubanks, Golembiesky, Freeman, Wilk, Stephens, Doolittle 

6th Row (14): Kubiak, Davis, Young, Hernandez, Abner, McKie, Wood, Eversole, Perdue, Riggs, Breedon, Nelson, R. Edwards, Roffee 

7th Row (9): Zulauf, J. McCarthy, Chismar, Recknagel, R. Brown, Herr, Maples, Roth, Kennedy 

8th Row (16): L. Jackson, Minyard, Gill, Seiler, Boller, Cooper, Governor, Baker, Nipper, Bobak, Frey, J. Wilson, Nicksic, Campbell, Maslar, Killeen 

9th Row (16): Bertallon, Hergenhahn, Bring, Balka, Diksas, Sarver, Patton, G.A. Kelly, Epps, D. McCarthy, Morris, Dibasco, Timothy, Todd, Hair, R. Smith

Absent (8): C.D. Kelly, O. Brown, Pratt, DiFranco, Karnish, Thornton, Coffey, Rigsby 

Company Total: 166 men (7 officers, 159 enlisted)

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