83rd Division Battlefield Monuments

The photos shown here are of monuments in Normandy and Brittany. Our sincere thanks to Gilles Billion, an 83rd Division Re-enactor who lives in Paris, for providing these photographs.

This plaque in front of the Sainteny Town Hall was donated by Samuel Klippa in memory of the 331st Infantry Regiment on June 3, 1979. The dedication reads "On behalf of the 331st Infantry Regimental Combat Team of the 83rd Infantry Division, United States Army, who fought and died in the swamps at Sainteny, France, during World War II--This plaque is dedicated in their memory on this 35th Anniversary."

This monument in honor of the 83rd Infantry Division stands at the entrance to the city of Sainteny.

Sign marks the main road to Sainteny.

Voie de la Liberte 1944 (Road of Freedom 1944) landmark at Cite of Alet, St. Malo, is situated on the main roads followed by the U.S. Army during the Liberation of France.

The plaque at left is at the entrance to St. Malo city. Plaques at right are at Cite of Alet.

Monument at St. Briac.

The people of Pleurtuit erected this memorial on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the the Liberation. The monument was unveiled on August 12, 1984 by Col. Rupert G. Macpherson.

Plaque at Jean Moulin School honors Captain Don K. Sanders of the 121st Infantry Regiment which was attached to the 83rd Division during the advance to Pleurtuit and Dinard. Captain Sanders fell here, the victim of a direct shell hit.

Battlefield monument near Pleurtuit. Hundreds ofAmerican GIs were killed on this field during the assaults of 8th and 12th August, 1944.

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