The GI in this photo is S/Sgt Joseph J. Arnaldo, S/N 31426150. The photograph, which is in the official history of the 331st, appeared for the first time on the cover of YANK (February 4, 1945): "When this picture was taken by YANK's Sgt. Kenny, S/Sgt Joseph Arnaldo of New Bedford, Mass., had just come off the line after 10 successive days of fighting. His hood and face covered with snow, Arnaldo had recovered from a temporary blindness when an 88 mounted on a Jerry tank was fired a few yards from him."

These eyes have seen a thousand miles.
Perhaps they'll see a thousand more.
These eyes have seen a thousand die.
I pray to God to end this hellish war.

These eyes have seen the bloody hedgerows in the rain.
They've seen the tree bursts in the Hurtgen,
And the lifeless forms half buried in the snow
In the slaughter at Bihain.

See It Through! The call to victory beckons.
See through the mindless death and grinding pain.
Damn these eyes, they've seen too much
To see it through again.

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Thanks to Edouard Reniere, Brussels, Belgium, for providing this information.

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