Step softly as you walk among these markers
standing at attention in their gently curving rows.

Those that sleep beneath our feet
slumber in profound repose.

Yet as you wander down these quiet paths
they swarm around you, crouching low.

Their patrols advance beyond the line
searching out the foe.

First a nudge, then a sign--
Move out! All is safe for you to go.

For there are only angels here in olive-drab,
brothers we all know.

These are the GIs of the 331st Infantry who made the ultimate sacrifice. We honor them in loving memory. They are in our hearts and minds--always.

Please note that names within each alphabetical grouping are listed by rank and then alphabetically.

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery

American Battle Monuments Commission

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Auman, Gaylord W., T/Sgt. Anderson, Lloyd S., S/Sgt. Arrowood, Great B., S/Sgt. Allen, Lloyd T., Sgt.
Allen, William G., Sgt. Anderson, Robert P., Sgt. Arnold, Walter, Sgt. Armstrong, Kenneth H., Tec.5
Agnew, Martin M., Jr., Pfc. Ahart, Eldon R., Pfc. Aiken, Frank H., Pfc. Airrington, Earnest D., Pfc.
Aldrich, Louis T., Pfc. Alexander, Paul R., Pfc. Altman, Annis I., Pfc. Alvado, Manuel, Pfc.
Anderson, James C., Pfc. Anderson, John H., Pfc. Anderson, Rex, Pfc. Argenas, Joseph E., Pfc.
Abernathy, Jess E., Pvt. Adams, Lawrence, Pvt. Adams, Robert E., Pvt. Adams, Vernon W., Pvt.
Ammons, James, Pvt. Anderson, Andrew P., Jr., Pvt. Aveto, Vincent L., Pvt.

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Barndollar, Mart. D., Colonel Bender, James D., Colonel Bates, Joseph C., 1st Lt. Belmont, Victor E., 1st Lt.
Burky, Quentin T., 1st Lt. Butler, Russell B., 1st Lt. Bailey, Hershel E., 2nd Lt. Blumhorst, Cris E., 2nd Lt.
Baker, Kenneth W., T/Sgt. Bartos, Albert P., T/Sgt. Boyd, Albert L., T/Sgt. Burns, Winfred S., T/Sgt.
Bailey, Wilbur R., S/Sgt. Baker, Emmett D., S/Sgt. Balke, Lewis F., S/Sgt. Basile, Salvatore C., S/Sgt.
Bickley, Vernon E., S/Sgt. Burkett, Robert I., S/Sgt. Bolton, James B., Jr., Sgt. Boyle, Paul T., Sgt.
Bullington, James C., Sgt. Beaver, Leslie E., Cpl. Borowski, Joseph E., Cpl. Burg, Sol., Cpl.
Braatz, Floyd F., Tec.5 Baldassare, Alex. B., Pfc. Baldwin, Garnett W., Pfc. Bannick, Paul P., Pfc.
Barker, Cecil, Pfc. Barlow, Arvill D., Pfc. Baron, Arnold D., Jr., Pfc. Bartolini, Ilio A., Pfc.
Beard, Joseph E., Pfc. Beckham, Levon, Pfc. Bell, Jay J., Jr., Pfc. Bellows, James R., Pfc.
Berg, William W., Jr., Pfc. Berry, Herbert E., Pfc. Berry, Jesse L., Pfc. Biby, David A., Pfc.
Blacharsky, George, Pfc. Blair, Clyde, Pfc. Bolton, Mike, Jr., Pfc. Bolyszow, John S., Pfc.
Boras, John, Pfc. Bothelo, Daniel, Pfc. Boutchyard, Linwood E., Pfc. Bregman, Lewis L., Pfc
Brewer, William H., Pfc. Brockman, Lowell E., Pfc. Broich, Cletus F., Pfc. Brookman, Charlie N., Pfc.
Brooks, Herman O., Pfc. Brooks, James W., Pfc. Brooks, Thomas J., Pfc. Brosier, John A., Pfc.
Burgess, Addie S., Pfc. Burnson, Donald G., Pfc. Buskirk, James S., Pfc. Byrd, John H., Pfc.
Bajich, Peter J., Pvt. Baker, William C., Pvt. Baldwin, Alfred L., Pvt. Baltuska, Albin J., Pvt.
Baluk, Michael, Pvt. Bardon, Edward, Pvt. Barone, Frank C., Pvt. Barrow, Charles H., Pvt.
Bartfai, Louis J., Pvt. Basick, Joseph A., Pvt. Beard, Virgel M., Pvt. Bennett, William O., Pvt.
Boone, Thomas J., Pvt. Bossaller, Herbert A., Pvt. Bouillez, Frank A., Pvt. Bowling, Taylor, Pvt.
Bramlett, L. D., Pvt. Branton, Carl J., Pvt. Brooks, George A., Pvt. Brunner, Robert J., Pvt.
Bryant, Bascom J., Pvt. Buccheri, Samuel N., Pvt. Budnick, Harold G., Pvt.

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Cohan, Frank D., 1st Lt. Coker, Lyman H., Jr., 1st Lt. Chrisholm, James E., Jr., 2nd Lt. Creamer, James E., 1st Sgt.
Cessna, Dougl. C., Jr., T/Sgt. Campbell, William L., S/Sgt. Carroll, Edward J., S/Sgt. Cocco, Joseph C., S/Sgt.
Couch, Ray, S/Sgt. Croll, Howard F., S/Sgt. Cycon, Thomas F., S/Sgt. Cain, James L., Sgt.
Carmichael, Charles H., Sgt. Chisham, William P., Sgt. Crisman, Everett K., Sgt. Czyzewski, Steve S., Cpl.
Cahill, Raymond J., Pfc. Cain, William L., Pfc. Caldwell, Merlin F., Pfc. Cale, Herbert W., Pfc.
Cambras, Charles W., Pfc. Campbell, Curtis D., Pfc. Cantwell, James J., Jr., Pfc. Capehart, Ralph L., Pfc.
Carlton, Joe N., Pfc. Carpenter, Charles C., Pfc. Carruthers, Frederick E., Pfc. Casper, William B., Pfc.
Chmura, Mitchell J., Pfc. Claytor, Clifton E., Pfc. Click, Kermit, Pfc. Clifford, Curtis F., Pfc.
Clonch, Philip W., Pfc. Cooke, William T., Pfc. Cooler, Ernest W., Pfc. Cooley, Ernest C., Pfc.
Cooper, Clifford A., Jr., Pfc. Cormier, Lawrence A., Pfc. Corn, Chesley J., Pfc. Corns, Guy E., Pfc.
Courtney, Francis J., Pfc. Cox, Cecil L., Pfc. Cricco, John V., Pfc. Cruz, Andrew B., Pfc.
Cummings, James R., Pfc. Curry, Sherman, Pfc. Curry, Thomas D., Pfc. Cantrell, Jahue R., Pvt.
Cardillo, Nicholas W., Pvt. Cearley, Jesse F., Pvt. Chapman, Maxwell W., Pvt. Chassey, Maurice, Pvt.
Ciotti, Vincent D., Pvt. Clark, John W., Pvt. Cline, George W., Jr., Pvt. Cockrell, Robert S., Jr., Pvt.
Coleman, Addis A., Pvt. Collins, Harris L., Pvt. Conaway, Nevin O., Pvt. Coolbeth, Dale A., Pvt.
Corbe, Alfred R., Pvt. Cornejo, Gonzalo C., Pvt. Coston, Thomas J., Pvt. Coulson, Wesley H., Pvt.
Cunningham, Zane A., Pvt.

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Dellow, Harry J., 1st Lt. Dever, Harold S., 1st Lt. Dockery, Rufus L., Jr., 1st Lt. Dearing, George B., 2nd Lt.
Depp, Glenn G., T/Sgt. Doolittle, G. W., Jr., T/Sgt. Davis, John T., S/Sgt. Dewey, Charles F., S/Sgt.
Dilulio, Angelo A., S/Sgt. Dimauro, Carmen J., S/Sgt. Dixon, Dalton J., S/Sgt. Douglass, Donald L., Sgt.
Davis, Arthur L., Cpl. Dimassa, Guy L., Cpl. Dunford, John P., Cpl. Deluca, Armand R., Tec.5
Deluca, Charles J., Tec.5 Dailey, Gale W., Pfc. Daniele, James, Pfc. Daniels, Bernhard L., Pfc.
Davenport, John L., Pfc. Day, Erwin L., Pfc. Day, Willie F., Pfc. Dean, Hartzel E., Pfc.
Dearstone, Haskell C., Pfc. DeLegge, Joseph J., Jr., Pfc. Demers, Wilfred J., Pfc. Denton, Cyrus E., Pfc.
Dickson, Max T., Pfc. DiDominic, Charly C., Pfc. DiMauro, John T., Pfc. DiRuggiero, John, Pfc.
Dolan, Robert E., Pfc. Douglas, Carl E., Pfc. Dresh, Clifton A., Jr., Pfc. Dunbar, John M., Pfc.
Depaul, James A., Pvt. Deverell, Henry J., Jr., Pvt. Digby, Ernest, Pvt. Doersam, Irvin E., Pvt.
Duffy, Hugh S., Pvt. Dufoe, Raymond T., Pvt. Dulak, Andrew J., Pvt. Duvall, Raphael E., Pvt.

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Ericksen, Harold A., Lt. Col. Ernster, Ralph W., 1st. Lt. Ettinger, William U., T/Sgt. Ehmet, Joseph E., S/Sgt.
Englund, Paul L., S/Sgt. Eller, John H., Sgt. Evans, Donald S., Sgt. Elmore, Clarence R., Tec.5
Eager, John F., Pfc. Eastek, Walter G., Pfc. Eckhardt, Jack E., Pfc. Edwards, Arthur F., Pfc.
Edwards, William D., Pfc. Eldridge, Jake, Pfc. Eller, Daniel A., Pfc. Emrich, William H., Pfc.
Esqueda, Antonio C., Pfc. Evans, George W., Pfc. Edgins, J. D., Pvt. Eggert, Sam, Pvt.

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Faber, James F., Lt. Col. Frank, John E., 2nd Lt. Fekas, William, T/Sgt. Fickes, Robert W., S/Sgt.
Fitzpatrick, Richard C., S/Sgt. Fontz, George F., S/Sgt. Fritz, Michael E., S/Sgt. Fura, Henry S., S/Sgt.
Fyala, Theodore J., S/Sgt. Fowler, Richard, Tec. 3 Fairscey, Bartholomew J., Sgt. Farling, Harden D., Sgt.
Fields, Arlie, Sgt. Fetty, Orland C., Cpl. Fragale, Joseph J., Cpl. Faulkner, Herman A., Tec.5
Fork, Clyde E., Tec.5 Fournier, Roger S., Tec.5 Fain, Raymond L., Pfc. Farris, William E., Pfc.
Faulkner, John H., Pfc. Feinglas, Marshall W., Pfc. Fischer, George W., Pfc. Fisher, Roger N., Pfc.
Floyd, James L., Pfc. Ford, Ralph A., Pfc. Foster, Marvin W., Pfc. Frederick, Lawrence F., Pfc.
Frederick, Wayne R., Pfc. Freund, Arthur L., Pfc. Fritz, Edwin A., Pfc. Fair, James G., Pvt.
Ferrell, Florst E., Pvt. Fischer, Roy W., Pvt. Fitzgerald, Louis T., Pvt. Ford, Randall H., Pvt.
Frank, Joseph R., Pvt. Franklin, Clinton A., Pvt.

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Gahn, Richard R., 1st. Lt. Geldner, Lawr. W., T/Sgt. Gilchrist, Vincent J., T/Sgt. Greer, Avery M., T/Sgt.
Gardner, Mannon J., S/Sgt. Gaston, Chalmers M., S/Sgt. Gaydush, George, S/Sgt. Gerber, Franklin J., S/Sgt.
Ghere, Bobby G., S/Sgt. Gibbs, Chester R., S/Sgt. Gregory, John V., S/Sgt. Gillespie, Lanta L., Sgt.
Goulart, Francis, Sgt. Guy, Willie O., Sgt. Galli, Robert J., Pfc. Games, Thomas L., Pfc.
Gancarz, Theodore, Pfc. Gangemi, Salvatore A., Pfc. Gaul, John J., Pfc. Gerken, Rudolph H., Pfc.
Gerlich, Emil F., Pfc. Germano, John, Pfc. Giambatista, Anthony T., Pfc. Giffin, Arthur L., Pfc.
Gilbert, Charles, Pfc. Glaser, Ralph V., Pfc. Glenn, Chester W., Pfc. Goff, G. L., Pfc.
Goff, Walter V., Pfc. Gonsalves, John S., Pfc. Good, Earl V., Pfc. Green, Walter F., Pfc.
Gregerson, Ralph W., Pfc. Grenon, Leonard C., Pfc. Gripshover, Richard J., Pfc. Guthrie, George, Pfc.
Guy, David R., Pfc. George, Norman R., Pvt. Gladney, Thomas H., Pvt. Glenn, Richard R., Pvt.
Gonyou, Robert W., Pvt. Goodridge, Leverne E., Pvt. Goss, Vernon L., Pvt. Greene, Jack E., Pvt.
Greenspon, Jacob L., Pvt. Grogan, Edmund L., Pvt. Grow, Orrin R., Pvt.

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Hall, John M., 2nd Lt. Hickman, Donald E., T./Sgt. Hackenberg, T. H., S/Sgt. Hans, Howard J., S/Sgt.
Hardie, Robert J., S/Sgt. Harrison, Roy N., S/Sgt. Heartstill, James F., S/Sgt. Henderson, George S., S/Sgt.
Henry, Carl F., S/Sgt. Hilkey, Joseph R., S/Sgt. Homka, Joseph F., S/Sgt. Howell, Howard M., S/Sgt.
Hynoski, Benjamin S., S/Sgt. Haire, Hubert L., Sgt. Hanggi, Peter T., Sgt. Hellman, Callistus S., Sgt.
Hunsaker, John W., Sgt. Hawkins, Paul G., Cpl. Hetrick, Robert C. E., Cpl. Hodges, Grover H., Cpl.
Hughes, Donald J., Cpl. Hall, Degarth, Pfc. Hallgarth, Lloyd F., Pfc. Hamm, Linwood J., Pfc.
Hammond, E. W., Pfc. Hanley, Joseph B., Pfc. Hanna, William H., Pfc. Hanselman, Jacob F., Pfc.
Harkins, John I., Pfc. Harris, Michael, Pfc. Harris, Stephen L., Pfc. Harrison, William E., Pfc.
Haverkamp, Joseph N., Pfc. Hawn, Iris L., Pfc. Hayden, Raymond E., Pfc. Hayes, Russell S., Pfc.
Henry, George V., Pfc. Hill, James, Pfc. Hinchee, Harry L., Pfc. Hodge, Guy E., Pfc.
Hoffman, Donald E., Pfc. Holley, James E., Pfc. Hollifield, Joseph D., Pfc. Hooks, Charles A., Pfc.
Hoover, Voight B., Pfc. Hope, Clarence L., Pfc. Hopkins, James G., Pfc. Hornbeck, Sherley M., Pfc.
Horowitz, Louis D., Pfc. Huberty, Donald J., Pfc. Hummel, Joseph H., Pfc. Hunter, Dale D., Pfc.
Hyatt, John L., Pfc. Hallas, George J., Pvt. Hanrahan, John F., Pvt. Harris, Kenneth W., Pvt.
Harrison, Robert A., Pvt. Hart, Raymond M., Pvt. Harvey, William H., Pvt. Hatcher, Henry F., Pvt.
Hatcher, Kenneth I., Pvt. Hazel, Donald I., Pvt. Head, Clyde, Pvt. Herr, Wilbur J., Pvt.
Hill, Tom B., Jr., Pvt. Hillin, Mathie, Pvt. Holley, Vern G., Pvt. Holmbeck, Arthur J., Pvt.
Houck, Hubert M., Pvt. Hudack, John, Pvt. Hulbert, Clarence B., Pvt. Hustel, Axel, Pvt.

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Iusi, Sam F., T/Sgt. Iafelice, Walter, S/Sgt. Irvine, Martin O., Pfc. Isaacs, James F., Pvt.

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Jones, James G., 2nd Lt. Jacobs, Joseph S., S/Sgt. Jarrell, Thomas F., S/Sgt. Johnson, James W., S/Sgt.
Jackson, Hugh M., Sgt. James, Emerson R., Sgt. Jones, George J., Cpl. Jacobs, James F., Pfc.
Jamison, Edward B., Pfc. Jenkins, Earl F., Pfc. Jenkins, Sesco, Pfc. Jennings, Raymond, Pfc.
Johnson, Coda J., Pfc. Johnson, Thomas I., Pfc. Johnson, William R., Pfc. Jones, Daniel C., Pfc.
Janiga, Robert L., Pvt. Jaramillo, Thomas H., Pvt. Johnson, Charles L., Pvt. Jones, Harold W., Pvt.
Jones, Marques S., Pvt. Jones, Vernon G., Pvt. Jurs, Norman C., Pvt.

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Kleppin, Donald G., 2nd Lt. Kaulback, Clayton R., S/Sgt. Knapp, Walter A., S/Sgt. Kosbucki, A. W., Jr., S/Sgt.
Kufrovich, Joseph F., S/Sgt. Kennedy, John P., Sgt. Kirkpatrick, Raymond H., Sgt. Knowles, Charles W., Jr., Sgt.
Kreamer, John C., II, Sgt. Kurzhal, Richard W., Sgt. Kraus, Robert J., Tec.4 Kriens, Harold E., Tec.5
Kaminskas, Ernest B., Pfc. Karafa, Steven J., Pfc. Kavadas, Pete, Pfc. Kelley, Ernest L., Pfc.
Kennedy, Alexander H., Pfc. Kibby, Billy C., Pfc. Kiblinger, Luther W., Pfc. Kimball, Ralph P., Pfc.
King, Frank T., Pfc. Kinnett, Joseph, Jr., Pfc. Kirin, George P., Pfc. Kirkland, Paul H., Pfc.
Kleiner, John J., Pfc. Kleinschmidt, Joseph P., Pfc. Knarr, Ivan W., Pfc. Koivunen, John E., Pfc.
Kolins, Ben G., Pfc. Koper, Walter W., Pfc. Kosvic, Rudolph S., Pfc. Koudelka, Leslie, Pfc.
Kowalewski, Michael, Pfc. Kuhlig, Ernest, Pfc. Kuhn, George W., Pfc. Kulesa, John, Pfc.
Kanick, Walter W., Pvt. Kaplan, Harry, Pvt. Keliner, Eugene D., Pvt. King, Frank H., Pvt.
King, Fred A., Pvt. Kornokovich, Joseph A., Pvt. Kurr, Everett E., Pvt. Kuzma, Bronislaw G., Pvt.

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Laird, Joe R., 2nd Lt. Loboy, Walter E., 2nd Lt. Lucas, William C., 2nd Lt. Lincoski, Louis A., T/Sgt.
Lusk, James L., T/Sgt. Lee, Gardner, S/Sgt. Lucas, John, Sgt. Lee, George J., Cpl.
Labrasseur, Arthur J., Pfc. Lamaak, Marvin J., Pfc. Lambert, George A., Pfc. La Mond, Earl D., Pfc.
Lanford, Herman T., Pfc. Lara, Catarino E., Pfc. Lavasseur, Archie, Jr., Pfc. Laws, Jack E., Pfc.
Leathers, Earle B., Pfc. Leavery, Francis A., Pfc. Lee, Lambert, Pfc. Leque, Laverne O., Pfc.
Letersky, William H., Pfc. Logan, Millard, Pfc. Long, Elza B., Pfc. Long, Howard K., Pfc.
Long, William I., Pfc. Lowell, Lawrence M., Pfc. Loyd, Ernest L., Jr., Pfc. Lozier, Clifford W., Pfc.
Ludwig, Joseph H., Pfc. Lamm, William E., Jr., Pvt. Langeslag, Richard P., Pvt. Ledee, Reginald J., Pvt.
Lerma, William, Pvt. Lium, Olaf O., Pvt.

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Moore, Daniel M., Captain Murphy, Patrick F., Captain Miklich, Ivan J., 1st Lt. Miller, Bobby C., 1st. Lt.
Moriarty, John C., 1st Lt. Mote, Kingston H., 1st Lt. Marvin, Wayne S., 2nd Lt. McHugh, John J., 1st Sgt.
Metheny, Hershel A., T/Sgt. Mitchell, John D., T/Sgt. Moore, Russell G., T/Sgt. Morris, Leo G., T/Sgt.
Mayberry, Arthur R., S/Sgt. McCarthy, Arthur H., S/Sgt. McMahen, Dewey W., S/Sgt. Medas, Joseph A., S/Sgt.
Meier, Albert F., S/Sgt. Marzigliano, Steven, Sgt. McElhany, James V., Sgt. McJunkins, Ralph T., Sgt.
McMahon, Thomas R., Sgt. McMullan, Hugh A., Sgt. Meier, Raymond A., Sgt. Montague, Daniel L., Sr., Sgt.
Montez, Julien M., Sgt. Moore, Claude, Sgt. Mullen, John K., Sgt. Malioy, John J., Jr., Tec.4
Maniscalco, Philip S., Tec.4 McClain, William M., Jr., Cpl. Middioni, Carmeio, Cpl. Mishler, Wilbur L., Cpl.
Molander, Lloyd E., Cpl. Mullinex, James W., Tec.5 Mabus, Robert L., Pfc. Macelwee, Roy S., Jr., Pfc.
Magana, Joe C., Pfc. Magner, Francis J., Pfc. Mahlman, Thomas L., Pfc. Maksin, Andrew M., Pfc.
Malone, Francis J., Pfc. Marakian, Jack A., Pfc. Marcus, George, Pfc. Marmara, Lawrence J., Pfc.
Mason, Robert E., Pfc. Massey, Carl K., Pfc. Maxwell, Everett T., Pfc. Mayes, Herman, Pfc.
McAfoose, Harry M., Jr., Pfc. McBroom, William U., Jr., Pfc. McCormick, Bradley M., Pfc. McCullough, Frank W., Pfc.
McDowell, Ralph R., Pfc. McGarry, Thomas F., Pfc. McGrath, Thomas F., Pfc. McGuire, Edward A., Pfc.
McHaney, Haskel E., Pfc. McKinney, Braxton, Pfc. McLain, Neil J., Pfc. McQueary, James R., Pfc.
Meany, Roy A., Pfc. Meeker, Russell L., Pfc. Michael, Richard G., Pfc. Milby, Walter D., Pfc.
Miller, Edward C., Pfc. Miller, Edward K., Pfc. Miller, Henry F., Pfc. Miller, John J., Pfc.
Miller, Melvin E., Pfc. Miller, Raymond J., Pfc. Mills, Guy T., Pfc. Mills, Harry, Pfc.
Mills, Robert W., Pfc. Mitchell, Wayne O., Pfc. Mixon, James D., Pfc. Moller, Russell A., Pfc.
Moore, Tom H., Pfc. Morgan, Burlington H., Pfc. Morgan, Edward W., Pfc. Morgan, William B., Pfc.
Morris, John A., Pfc. Mowry, Harry G., Pfc. Murphy, Joseph B. J., Pfc. Murray, Wayne D., Pfc.
Macaluso, Michael J., Pvt. Malone, Hershel L., Pvt. Malone, Ion F., Pvt. Marcinkiewicz, Benj. J., Pvt.
Marsett, Charles R., Pvt. Martin, Gerald A., Pvt. Martin, Kinble, Pvt. Martin, Thomas W., Pvt.
Martin, William D., Pvt. Martino, Paul B., Pvt. Matthews, Bay D. B., Jr., Pvt. McCourt, Frank J., Pvt.
McDaniel, Sim J., Pvt. McDonald, Lloyd A., Pvt. McGee, Edward P., Jr., Pvt. Meaker, William F., Pvt.
Messina, Giuseppe J., Pvt. Meyer, Odis H., Pvt. Michaud, Aurele J., Pvt. Mihailov, Vaio, Pvt.
Milby, Roy, Pvt. Miller, Harry T., Jr., Pvt. Millican, James K., Pvt. Mills, Adran V., Pvt.
Mitak, Paul, Pvt. Mitchell, William E., Pvt. Molenhouse, Oliver, Pvt. Montgomery, Hubert R., Pvt.
Moore, Charles R., Pvt. Moore, Daniel, Pvt. Moore, Silas E., Pvt. Moreland, Dale J., Pvt.
Morgan, Ambrose D., Pvt. Morgan, Ellis, Pvt. Murray, James J., Pvt. Murray, William J., Pvt.
Myrick, Thomas E., Pvt.

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Norskey, Walter P., T/Sgt. Nardone, Albert J., Sgt. Newman, George H., Sgt. Neely, William G., Jr., Pfc.
Ness, Norman D., Pfc. Newth, George H., Pfc. Ney, George W., Pfc. Nieto, Joseph, Pfc.
Norris, Althon B., Pfc. Norris, Willis E., Pfc. Nucci, Frank, Pfc. Nyikos, Robert E., Pfc.
Nadolph, George M., Pvt. Nagle, William F., Pvt. Nawracaj, John M., Pvt. Nelson, Albin E., Pvt.
Newton, Lawrence E., Pvt. Neyman, Charles, Pvt. Nicksic, Joseph H., Pvt. Novinsky, Frank, Pvt.
Nunnery, Leroy, Pvt.

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Oelrichs, Vernon J. H., S/Sgt. O'Hara, James, Pfc. Oliver, George L., Jr., Pfc. Oliver, Samuel N., Jr., Pfc.
Olszewski, Edward, Pfc. O'Neill, Clayton C., Pfc. Orr, Alex, Pfc. O'Brien, William R., Pvt.
Olin, John R., Pvt. Olson, Clifford E., Pvt. Ordanez, Joe, Pvt. Owens, John D., Pvt.

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Peirce, Henry T., T/Sgt. Peters, Sylvester J., T/Sgt. Perilio, Mohn P., S/Sgt. Pierce, Jesse B., S/Sgt.
Pitre, Syrus R., S/Sgt. Paterson, Gene B., Sgt. Pigg, Jack J., Sgt. Parchuk, Steve, Jr., Tec.5
Park, John H., Tec.5 Peasley, Paul R., Tec.5 Pacheco, George M., Jr., Pfc. Pacheco, Gilbert, Pfc.
Padus, Leon R., Pfc. Pardue, Fred W., Pfc. Parker, Virgil J., Pfc. Paszkiet, John R., Pfc.
Patson, John A., Pfc. Perdue, Robert B., Pfc. Perkinson, Howard N., Pfc. Perry, Frankie, Pfc.
Pfau, Richard H., Pfc. Pharr, William N., Pfc. Pierce, Norbert R., Pfc. Pitallo, Anthony R., Pfc.
Place, James M., Pfc. Plavac, Nickolas, Pfc. Pleskac, James E., Pfc. Pocklembo, John A., Pfc.
Powell, Lewis T., Pfc. Presnell, Audie L., Jr., Pfc. Pace, Roy J., Pvt. Paeth, Charles E., Pvt.
Parenteau, Ralph A., Pvt. Paserba, Joseph, Jr., Pvt. Patrick, James E., Pvt. Patterson, David B., Pvt.
Pavek, Joseph, Pvt. Pearman, Harold F., Pvt. Perkins, Robert E., Pvt. Pimpinella, Andrew J., Pvt.
Pitosky, Benjamin F., Pvt. Pointer, Harvey W., Pvt. Polling, Willie R., Pvt. Poquette, Clifford A., Pvt.
Posey, Ralph W., Pvt. Poteete, Dewey J., Pvt. Proschan, Aaron, Pvt. Provenzano, Salvatore, Pvt.

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Quail, Joseph N., Pfc. Quiroz, Phillip M., Pfc.

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Rebello, Theodore R., 1st Lt. Riley, George M., 2nd Lt. Renzetti, Ernest C., T/Sgt. Rider, Isadore M., T/Sgt.
Ramer, John T., S/Sgt. Rhodes, Otis J., S/Sgt. Rinell, George E., S/Sgt. Roderick, Ralph K., S/Sgt.
Rodgers, Bert J., S/Sgt. Reinders, Richard P., Sgt. Rohrbach, David A., Tec.4 Romich, Paul O., Cpl.
Rea, Donovan, Tec.5 Runnion, Norvall L., Tec.5 Rachlin, Joseph C., Pfc. Radwan, Joseph F., Pfc.
Ragan, George M., Pfc. Rankowitz, Louis J., Pfc. Rasnake, John W., Pfc. Rathburn, Edward, Pfc.
Ray, Herbert, Pfc. Redmond, James M., Pfc. Retherford, Philip R., Pfc. Reyes, Joseph, Pfc.
Richardson, Robert L., Pfc. Ridegeley, Roy B., Pfc. Riggs, Bruce C., Pfc. Robinson, Harold T., Jr., Pfc.
Rodel, Howard, Pfc. Romano, James, Pfc. Roper, Elbert P., Pfc. Rose, Jack W., Pfc.
Rosenbaum, Solomon, Pfc. Ross, Stewart A., Pfc. Roth, David M., Pfc. Ruberg, Raymond E., Pfc.
Ruble, Oddie L., Pfc. Rule, Joseph C., Pfc. Rump, John P., Pfc. Russo, Samuel S., Jr., Pfc.
Reeves, Joseph E., Pvt. Reeves, Louie W., Pvt. Rice, Paul T., Pvt. Riedl, Albert M., Pvt.
Rife, Clarence M., Pvt. Riggs, Mack, Pvt. Rigler, Forrest M., Pvt. Rodetis, Dennis, Pvt.
Rogers, Cleney, Jr., Pvt. Rogers, Clyde L., Pvt. Rohrscheib, Andrew H., Pvt. Rosenfeld, Lawrence S., Pvt.
Rowell, Cidney F., Pvt. Russell, Albert C., Pvt. Russo, Albert C., Pvt. Rutan, Robert R., Pvt.

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Souders, Floyd B., Captain Shannon, Glenn J., 1st Lt. Sallee, Raym. E., Jr., 2nd Lt. Siegel, Max, 2nd Lt.
Sowell, William C., 2nd Lt. Shubert, Edward F., T/Sgt. Smith, Harold W., T/Sgt. Schwark, William J., S/Sgt
Sgambati, Anthony F., S/Sgt. Smith, James R., S/Sgt. Snyder, Clifford C., Jr., S/Sgt. Sweeney, John J., Jr., S/Sgt.
Swenson, Ray A., S/Sgt. Sanders, Jiles C., Sgt. Sanders, Joseph E., Sgt. Sayer, Joseph, Sgt.
Schaffer, John J., Sgt. Shepard, Robert L., Sgt. Shiflet, James D., Sgt. Sieh, Howard D., Sgt.
Skorup, Edward J., Sgt. Sterthaus, George J., Sgt. Smith, Jack K., Cpl. Schneck, Harold S., Tec.5
Smith, Earl F., Tec.5 Salisbury, John N., Pfc. Salois, Arthur B., Pfc. Sanchez, Santiago G., Pfc.
Sarna, Albert J., Pfc. Sauseda, Raymond D., Pfc. Schaeffer, Albert O., Jr., Pfc. Schindler, William A., Pfc.
Scholle, Paul W. H., Pfc. Self, Clarence D., Pfc. Selters, Roland D., Pfc. Seward, Clyde J., Pfc.
Sharpe, Charles M., Pfc. Sheldon, Charles R., Pfc. Shields, William F., Pfc. Shoales, Clarence H., Pfc.
Shoemaker, George R., Pfc. Simas, Jonathan B., Pfc. Skirchak, Nicholas, Pfc. Sklar, Nathan R., Pfc.
Sloan, William F., Pfc. Smith, Alan F., Pfc. Smith, Clark T., Pfc. Smith, Earl, Pfc.
Smith, George W., Pfc. Smith, Marvin E., Pfc. Smith, Robert L., Pfc. Snyder, Charles M., Pfc.
Soderlund, Robert J., Pfc. Speavcek, George F., Pfc. Stafford, Marvin C., Pfc. Stanley, James A., Jr., Pfc.
Stansell, James, Jr., Pfc. Steffens, John G., Pfc. Steinbauer, John I., Jr., Pfc. Stewart, Henry C., Pfc.
Stoll, Wolfgang W., Pfc. Storch, Lawrence A., Pfc. Strang, Robert D., Pfc. Strickland, Robert F., Pfc.
Stuber, Edward T., Pfc. Suko, Edwill D., Pfc. Susmarski, Gilbert H., Pfc. Sutton, Jay, Pfc.
Sykes, Johnnie M., Pfc. Sansom, John D., Pvt. Saracello, Victor J., Pvt. Sauls, Leonard, Pvt.
Schinasi, Seymour B., Pvt. Schneck, Herman S., Pvt. Schneider, George, Pvt. Scholl, William V., Pvt.
Schubert, Andrew, Jr., Pvt. Schutack, Sidney P., Pvt. Shelters, Richard G., Pvt. Shepard, John W., Pvt.
Shiner, Burke F., Pvt. Sias, Richard B., Pvt. Simco, Joseph G., Pvt. Simmons, Elmer E., Pvt.
Simon, Udley J., Pvt. Sindeldecker, Robert B., Pvt. Siracusano, Clement J., Pvt. Sizemore, Woodrow W., Pvt.
Skidmore, Eric S., Pvt. Slotnikoff, Harry, Pvt. Smith, Albert E., Pvt. Smith, David G., Pvt.
Smith, Herbert W., Pvt. Smith, Luther T., Pvt. Smith, William L., Pvt. Snizik, George C., Pvt.
Snyder, Paul M., Pvt. Solis, Ernesto M., Pvt. Solomon, Jack, Pvt. Speelman, Laverne R., Pvt.
Stachowski, Edwin J., Pvt. Stair, Harold B., Pvt. Steinbuch, Joseph C., Pvt. Stephenson, J. D., Pvt.
Stock, William W., Pvt. Stover, Howard F., Pvt. Sullivan, Charles R., Pvt. Sullivan, Robert F., Pvt.
Sutherland, Lanes B., Pvt. Swander, Richard D., Pvt. Swiderski, John F., Pvt.

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Tiffany, Walter W., Jr., 1st Lt. Torphy, William L., 1st Lt. Thomas, Herman G., T/Sgt. Thompson, August J., T/Sgt.
Thompson, Garland L., T/Sgt. Titone, Anthony J., S/Sgt. Tourgee, William M., S/Sgt. Turner, Selbia D., S/Sgt.
Tenuto, Joseph J., Sgt. Thacker, Andy, Sgt. Thompson, Eugene L., Sgt. Tieman, Alfred, Sgt.
Tankersley, James B., Cpl. Tilton, Hardesty H., Cpl. Turner, Artemus W., Tec.5 Tacelt, Joseph, Jr., Pfc.
Thomas, Chester C., Pfc. Thomas, Habib G., Pfc. Thomas, Odis H., Pfc. Thomas, Oliver H., Pfc.
Thomas, Roscoe, Pfc. Thomson, Albert K., Pfc. Tokay, Martin H., Jr., Pfc. Toler, Lewis A., Pfc.
Torok, Ernest J., Pfc. Torre, James J., Pfc. Travis, James, Pfc. Trippi, Lawrence S., Pfc.
Tuttle, Leonard A., Pfc. Twedt, Verlin H., Pfc. Tyl, Emil L., Pfc. Tyler, William E., Pfc.
Taggart, Robert M., Pvt. Tannenbaum, Henry I., Pvt. Taylor, William J., Pvt. Thomas, Louis J., Pvt.
Thompson, Thomas H., Pvt. Tinder, William, Pvt. Todd, James B., Pvt. Topicz, Paul V., Pvt.
Touchberry, Robert M., Pvt. Trenary, George C., Pvt. Truell, George W., Pvt. Tufenkjian, Athrur A., Pvt.
Tweed, Paul, Pvt.

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Ungren, Arthur K., 1st Lt. Uchman, Michael V., Pvt.

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Vikara, John H., S/Sgt. Vitantonio, Albert J., S/Sgt. Vaow, Lawrence H., Sgt. Verbinski, Albert C., Sgt.
Vitori, Frank D., Sgt. Vaculik, Jerry R., Pfc. Van Dusen, Chester, Jr., Pfc. Varner, Mervin K., Pfc.
Vasterling, Henry C., Pfc. Vatiato, Phillip, Pfc. Vayansky, Bernard E., Pfc. Velasquez, Carlos, Pfc.
Verovich, Nicholas J., Pfc. Vertucci, Frank M., Pfc. Vines, Conwell F., Pfc. Valencia, Richard L., Pvt.
Vanden, James W., Pvt. Vickroy, Eli I., Pvt.

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Weinhardt, Henry C., 1st Lt. Williams, Wallace M., 1st Lt. Witherspoon, Vinc. W., 1st Lt. Williams, Phil H., 2nd Lt.
Walton, Oran O., S/Sgt. Weck, Clarence E., S/Sgt. White, George E., S/Sgt. Wright, Opal B., S/Sgt.
Warburton, Roy E., Sgt. Ward, Carl, Pfc. Washburn, Ronald F., Sgt. Wood, John H., Sgt.
Wrenn, Lloyd M., Tec.4 White, James R., Tec.5 Widner, Herbert M., Tec.5 Williams, Elmer G., Tec.5
Witek, John, Tec.5 Waldon, John A., Pfc. Walker, Earl, Pfc. Wall, Ivan G., Pfc.
Walzl, Paul F., Pfc. Warren, Mont G., Pfc. Watson, Howard A., Pfc. Weaver, John C., Jr., Pfc.
Weaver, Wilmont, Pfc. Weiner, John, Pfc. Weirich, Jack L., Pfc. Weisenborn, Gerald M., Pfc.
Wells, William R., Pfc. Wenzel, Eugene E., Pfc. Werley, Ralph W., Pfc. Wertel, Norman, Pfc.
West, James, Pfc. Westerman, Ambrose C., Pfc. Weyhrauch, Clavin, Pfc. Wharton, Purcell, Pfc.
Wheeler, Edward P., Pfc. Whitely, Carl L., Pfc. Wierzbicki, Raymond, Pfc. Wiese, Theodore A., Pfc.
Wiggins, Sidney, Pfc. Wilburn, Sylvester L., Pfc. Wilder, Robert L., Pfc. Wildmon, Galveston, Pfc.
Wilkerson, Clarence R., Pfc. Wilkerson, William A., Pfc. Williams, Albert A., Pfc. Williams, Kenneth L., Pfc.
Williams, Thomas H., Pfc. Williams, Ward E., Pfc. Wilson, Oliver K., Pfc. Wingo, Fred, Pfc.
Wodtli, Alvin P., Pfc. Woods, Paul S., Pfc. Wopicka, Richard H., Pfc. Worrell, Joseph B., Pfc.
Wright, William J., Pfc. Wyatt, Alton L., Pfc. Waldman, Harry, Pvt. Walker, Edward C., Pvt.
Wallace, Eldon L., Pvt. Wallace, William T., Pvt. Waterbury, Frederick, Pvt. Watts, Raymond L., Pvt.
Weaver, George D., Pvt. Weinsteiger, Wilbert G., Pvt. Whalen, James W., Pvt. Wheeler, Herman V. Pvt.
Whitby, Albert L., Pvt. White, Alfred G., Pvt. Widiger, Theran L., Pvt. Williams, Frank N., Pvt.
Williams, George R., Jr., Pvt. Williams, Hugh, Jr., Pvt. Wilson, Donald V., Pvt. Wilson, Gerald W., Pvt.
Wilson, James O., Pvt. Wingert, Donald E., Pvt. Wolcott, Charles F., Pvt. Woods, Ben, Pvt.
Wooten, Thomas E., Pvt. Worden, Robert V., Pvt.

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Younce, Warren J., S/Sgt. Young, Clarence C., Pfc. Yancy, Daniel A., Pvt.

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Zmarzley, Chester P., Pvt. Zaleski, Stanley, Pvt. Zinn, Francis L., Pvt.

Missing In Action
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The following soldiers were reported as missing in action. Most, if not all of them,
have been accounted for in the years since the end of World War II.
Many of them are buried in U. S. Military Cemeteries, and can be found by searching the
American Battle Monuments Commission search engine at
Others were returned to the U.S. for burial. This list is as it appeared in the history of the 331st Infantry
Regiment, which was published shortly after the end of the war.

Labella, Frank P., T/Sgt. Wetzel, Erwin G., T/Sgt. Linke, Frederick H., S/Sgt. Creech, John M., Sgt.
Shipley, Claude F., Sgt. Denning, Lloyd J., Cpl. Stevenson, Robert L., Tec.5 Bapst, Orlando, Pfc.
Cliburn, David H., Pfc. Enright, John J., Jr., Pfc. Ginchereau, R. M., Pfc. Hollingsworth, Garland, Pfc.
Kasik, Joseph, Pfc. Kelly, James P., Pfc. Lawrence, James W., Pfc. Lehman, Walter R., Pfc.
Mendelblat, Milton, Pfc. Niksa, Edward W., Pfc. Perun, Stephen A., Pfc. Ploettner, Chester N., Pfc.
Reynolds, Clinton P., Pfc. Richardson, Willie L., Pfc. Sadoski, Peter, P., Pfc. Vessels, William H., Pfc.
Walters, Eugene A., Pfc. Antle, Elmer R., Pvt. Clothier, Clyde E., Pvt. Craig, M. W., Sr., Pvt.
Golben, Marvin M., Pvt. Gorcznski, John W., Pvt. Howard, Victor E., Pvt. Mogan, Joseph W., Pvt.
Nix, John M., Jr., Pvt. Oien, Jay N., Pvt. Padilla, Climaco H., Pvt. Parsons, Bert J., Pvt.
Schilk, Kenneth A., Pvt. Wagner, Roger H., Pvt.

Non-Combat Deaths
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Murphy, Louis D., Tec.4 Camerota, Carmine C., Cpl. Burkholder, Sam O., Tec.5 Metallo, Louis V., Tec.5
Barbe, Russell M., Pfc. Dragwa, Charles, Pfc. Thompson, Eb, Pfc. Wallace, William B., Jr., Pfc.
Carlig, Louis, Pvt. Timothy, Joseph J., Pvt. Veach, Earlmon, Pvt.

This list was compiled by Kevin Harris from the history of the 331st, "We Saw It Through." His great uncle, Pfc. Michael Harris, 2nd Platoon, Company F, is among the many listed here.