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83rd Division Books

"The Thunderbolt Across Europe. A History of the 83rd Infantry Division 1942-1945" This is the official history of the 83rd Division, edited and published by the 83rd Division I & E Section, with narrative written by Sgt. Ernie Hayhow. Includes campaign maps and some photographs. Illustrations by Laszlo Bod, Budapest, Hungary. Printed by F. Bruckmann K. G., Munich, Germany. A reprint of this history is available. (Battery Press Inc., P.O. Box 198885, Nashville, TN 37219) The book is also now available as a PDF file download at this site:

"83rd Infantry Division," is a more recent history that includes some material from "The Thunderbolt Across Europe." Also includes a large section of veterans stories, biographies, and photographs. Copyright 1999, Turner Publishing Company, PO Box 3101, Paducah, KY 42002-3101.

"We Saw It Through: History of the Three Thirty First Combat Team Today, Tomorrow, Forever," by Jack M. Straus, is the official history of the 331st Infantry Regiment. Although the 240 page book includes a brief history, it consists mostly of outstanding photographs. Printed by F. Bruckmann K. G., Munich, Germany. Out of print. The book is available as a pdf file and can be downloaded at

"Lee Miller's War" is must reading. Lee spent a lot of time with the 83rd Division. (According to introductory material in the book, she was unofficially adopted as the division's mascot.) This book contains expanded coverage of St. Malo, including many photos. Also includes a big section on Luxembourg. Published by Little, Brown and Company, 1992. Out of print.

"The Rag Tag Circus From Omaha Beach To the Elbe" by Edwin B. "Buckshot" Crabill. Crabill was the commander of the 329th IR. His book is a very outspoken account of 329th and the 83rd Division. Published by Vantage Press, 1969. Out of print.

"329 Buckshot Infantry Regiment," is the official history of the 329th Infantry Regiment. Includes text and photos, 186 pages. Edited by Daniel P. O'Connor. Published in Germany, 1945. Out of print.

"Remembrances," by Robert Parsons. The wartime memoirs of Sergeant Robert Parsons, F Company, 331st Infantry Regiment, from Normandy to the end of the war. Privately published. No longer available.

"I Saw It Through," by John A. Aller. Aller started off in the 83rd Division as a rifleman in F Company, 331st Infantry. He then became a mortarman with H Company. This book tells his experiences from the time he joined the 83rd as part of the original cadre at Camp Atterbury, and follows him through the war from Normandy to the Elbe River. Privately published. This book may still be available from Aller's widow. Contact the webmaster for more information .

"Country Boy Gone Soldering," by George Waple, 1Sgt, 331st HQ. Mr. Waple spent 24 years in the Army and has had an interesting career that few soldiers experienced. To order the book, call George at 732-542-8322, or contact Fair Haven Books at 1-888-795-4274. The book can also be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

"Rag Tag Circus," by Louis Sandini. Sandini was a Sergeant in Battery B, 322nd Field Artillery. This book covers his experiences from Camp Atterbury to the end of the war. Privately published. No longer available.

"Six Days in July 1944," by Captain J. Phillip London, is the story of 2nd Lieutenant Gordon Leigh Phillips who seved in Company A, 330th Infantry Regiment. Phillips was killed in action on July 9, 1944 in the battle of the hedgerows in Normandy. Gateway Press Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1995

"Breakout and Pursuit" by Martin Blumenson is one of the volumes in the official U. S. Army history of World War II ("Green Books"). This is the definitive history of the Normandy Campaign after D-Day, covering the time period of 1 July to 11 September 1944. Lots of information about the 83rd Division in the battles of the hedgerows and swamps south of Carentan. Out of print, but occasionally reprinted.

"The Duel for France, 1944" by Martin Blumenson. A slightly condensed version of the author's official U.S. Army history "Breakout and Pursuit," it includes significant coverage of the 83rd Division in Normandy and Brittany. If you can't obtain a copy of "Breakout and Pursuit" (out of print), this is the book to have. Available in paperback from DiCapo Press.

"Entering Germany 1944-1949" represents the best photographs of Tony Vaccaro, an 83rd Division veteran. Although most of the photos were taken after the liberation of Germany, the images are haunting--they will stay with you long after you have seen them. Published by Taschen, the book is available from Amazon.

"Shavetail" is subtitled "The odyessy of an Infantry Lieutenant in World War II." Written by William L. Devitt, a platoon leader in E Company/330th Infantry Regiment, the book has received glowing reviews. The U.S. Army War College calls Devitt's book "...a brutally honest recounting of what war is all about. From his criticism of the decisions made by senior leaders to insights into his own perceived weaknesses and misgivings, Devitt tells a tale that all who have experienced combat or the fear of battle can empathize with." "Shavetail" is must reading for anyone interested in the 83rd Division. The book can be ordered from North Star Press of St. Cloud.

"Shots of War," by Tony Vaccaro, was published primarly as a catalog of the exhibition Shots of War 1944-1945, which was held at the Musee d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg on the dates of December 20, 2002 through February 28, 2003. The volume, 160 pages, contains many of Tony's best known photos. The exhibit consisted of 250 photos that show the war and post-war images from France, Belgium, and Germany. It includes many photos of the 331st Infantry. Curator and production, Reinhard Schultz, GALERIE BILDERWELT; printing, IMPRIMERIE CENTRALE S. A., Luxembourg. The volume is becoming rare and difficult to obtain.

"Never a Shot in Anger" by Col. Barney Oldfield is the story of the wartime relationship between the military and the war correspondents. Chapter Nine is "The Nervy Exploit of Sam Magill," the complete story of how Magill and his I&R platoon in the 329th IR managed to capture 20,000 German soldiers without firing a shot. Duell, Sloan & Pearce Inc., 1956. Out of print.

"My Father's War" by Beth Chittenden is subtitled "An Oral History of the Experiences of Lawrence Lee Chittenden During World War II." The large format book is printed on heavy stock and contains the complete oral history that Beth conducted with her father, who was a platoon leader in I Company/330th Infantry Regiment in Normandy and Brittany, and later was the regimental liaison officer (assistant S-3) for the 330th. The book is loaded with photos, maps, drawings, letters, and other documentation, many in full color. Excerpts from other 83rd histories are included to provide the time reference for the oral history. The result is an incredible odyssey that is almost impossible to put down once you have started to read it. Copyright 2006, Silk Purse Press, 331 pages. Contact the author, Beth Chittenden at for more information on obtaining the book.

"Sharpe's Battalion in WWII" by Dr. Charlotte Sharpe Daly is a doctoral dissertation (Florida State University) of the WWII experiences of her father, Granville Sharpe. The dissertation begins with preparation for military service and covers the actions in Normandy, Brittany, the Loire Valley and Luxembourg, the Huertgen Forest, Roer to the Rhine, and the race to the Elbe. Granville Sharpe was the CO of G Company/329th Infantry, and later the CO of the 2nd Battalion/329th Infantry. His recollections supplement the official record. The 366-page dissertation can be ordered from UMI Dissertation Information Service, Ann Arbor, MI (phone 800-521-0600). The dissertation is also available as a PDF file that can be downloaded from the 83rd Documents website at

World War II Experiences of Harry C. Gravelyn is the personal memoir of the commanding officer of D Company/331st Infantry. Over 240 pages in length, it is a thorough and detailed history of Captain Gravelyn's experiences and includes numerous details and many names of D Company veterans. This volume is undoubtedly the most comprehensive history of D Company/331st Infantry ever written. Available online at

General Reference Texts for WWII and the European Theater

"Closing With the Enemy" by Michael D. Doubler is the best analysis of WWII in the European Theater that we have found. Not an easy read, but engrossing and well worth the effort. Doubler's book is flawlessly detailed and documented. If you want to know how the GIs fought the war in Europe, this is the book to read. Published by University Press of Kansas, 1994. Essential reading.

"The GI Offensive In Europe" by Peter R. Mansoor should be considered a companion book to "Closing With the Enemy," and is an essential reference on the American Infantry in the European Theater. Mansoor demonstrates how U. S. Infantry Divisions developed combat effectiveness and endurance needed to defeat their German foes on the battlefield. The text attacks the myth that the American Infantryman was less effective than his German adverseries, and for that reason has attracted much criticism from students and historians of German military history. Published by the University Press of Kansas, 1999. Essential reading.

"On the Front Lines" by John Ellis is unmatched in its documentation and compassion for the front-line infantryman in World War II. Although written from a British viewpoint, there is also much coverage of the U. S. "GI." This book will give you an understanding of the emotional and physical strain of the front-line soldier that is unmatched by any other text. Originally titled "The Sharp End." Published by John Wiley & Sons Inc., 1990. Essential reading.

"The Armies of George S. Patton" by George Forty. An indispensible reference, this book covers the complete organization of Patton's Third Army. You will constantly be referring to this book to find information on topics such as the duties of the G-5 Section, specifications for the M5 and M5A1 tanks, the effective ceiling and rate of fire of the 40mm Bofors gun, and the subsections of G-2 (intelligence). Paperback, Arms and Armour Press, 1996. Essential reading.

"The Siegfried Line Campaign," by Charles P. MacDonald is another volume in the official U. S. Army history of World War II. It contains an extensive account of the Hurtgen Forest campaign, and a small section on the 83rd Division at the villages of Gey and Strass. Books in the U. S. Army history series ("Green Books") are generally out of print, but are occasionally reprinted.

"Handbook on German Military Forces," was one of a series of studies of foreign military forces prepared by the U. S. Army during World War II. The volume was reprinted in 1990 by Louisiana State University Press. Steven Ambrose, in the introduction of this reprint, says that the volume is "the authoritative work on the German army from 1939 to 1945. Its virtues are so many and so great that I can see no reason to restrain my enthusiasm." Essential reading.

"U. S. Army Atlas of the European Theater in World War II" This volume consists of 137 full-color maps and descriptions of the seven major European campaigns. The maps are reprints of those originally produced for "The U. S. Army in World War II: The European Theater" ("Green Books"). These are widely recognized as some of the best U. S. military history maps ever produced. Barnes & Noble Publishing Inc., 2004. Essential reference.

"Eisenhower's Lieutenants" by Russel F. Weigley. A big, comprehensive, indispensible book that covers the military campaigns in the European Theater from D-Day to the Elbe. Published by Indiana University Press, 1981.

"Reporting World War II, Part One and Two," are great references. Part Two includes the "Siege of Saint Malo" by Lee Miller as well as the complete text and cartoons of "Up Front" by Bill Mauldin. Published by Literary Classics of the United States, 1995.

"Finding Your Father's War" by Jonathan Gawne is a comprehensive handbook to researching a relative's service in the US Army in World War II. The 342-page book is printed on heavy glossy stock, making it a durable reference volume that will withstand a lot of use. Major sections include Introduction to Army Units, Individual Records , Organizational Records, Finding Records, and Tangible Evidence of Service (uniforms, insignia, medals, badges, etc.). Published by Casemate, 10167 Warrior Rd, Drexel Hill, PA 19026. email: Essential reference.

Many of the above books are becoming difficult to locate.
One of the best sources for rare and difficult-to-find books is

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