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This basic message board offers the opportunity to list the name of the 83rd veteran or unit you are seeking information about, along with your name and email address. If you would like a listing here, send a brief email by clicking here, with as much pertinent information as possible (veteran name, rank, military id number, company or unit, dates served, etc.) Other listings can include announcements of meetings and reunions of 83rd veterans, or other information that would be at least of general interest to the 83rd Division.

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Looking for information about Thomas Hardy Carraway, Sr. He was a member of the 83rd Division, 329th Infantry, Company F from 4 Dec 1943 to 24 July 1945. He was discharged because of shell shock and frozen feet. He passed away Nov 13, 2005 in Kosciusko, MS. Does anyone have any information about him or his company? His son, Thomas H. Carraway at tomcarraway@hughes.net. Posted 27 Dec 10

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from "Brothers-In-Arms" website. (Thanks to Jay Cottle for providing the 331st Infantry Regiment Christmas Card from 1944. Jay's father, Albert Cottle, was a veteran of H Company, 331st Infantry.) Posted 25 Dec 10

I am looking for information about Pvt. Harold Hughlett (ASN 36839034) of the 330th Inf. Regt., 83rd Div.  He was killed in action Dec. 10, 1944 at Strass. I'm looking on behalf of his niece. We would like info regarding the circumstances of his death, any photos someone might have of him, and any memories those who served with him might have. I am Jim Zeirke and you can contact me at jzillc@yahoo.com. Posted 14 Dec 10

With sorrow, we report the passing of Norman L. Kruse, 3rd Platoon, B Company, 331st Infantry, 83rd Infantry Division. He served in Normandy, Brittany, the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge), Rhineland, and Central Europe. Mr. Kruse served as a Lieutenant and Platoon Leader of 3rd Platoon for the entire European Campaign of the 83rd Division. During the occupation he was promoted to Captain and given the command of B Company/331st Infantry. Mr. Kruse passed away Friday, December 10, 2010 at the age of 91. Funeral services are Tuesday, December 14 at St. Peter's Lutheran Church near Barnes, Kansas. His obituary may be found by clicking here. Posted 13 Dec 10

My uncle, Charlie Allen White served with the 83rd, 331st, Company C. He was carried as AWOL from August 8th, 1944, 3 miles from St. Malo until 1951 when it was changed to MIA, in part due to statements made by Cyrus D. Coon of Michigan. How could I find out more about my uncle and the last man to see him, Cyrus Coon? My wife and I are going to be in Normandy this summer for the D-Day events. We wanted to try to locate the last known point of my uncle, thinking since the government had released the information about him finally, after years of trying, he would be awarded his Bronze Star and Purple Heart. We wanted to leave them for him at the wall in Brittany Cemetery that has his name listed as MIA. Apparently they do not want to award him or his family the medals he earned. All the reports the Government has released do not add up. He was 19 years old and from a farm in the mountains of Tennessee. He knew what liquor was and probably knew how to make it, but to say he went AWOL specifically to get cognac is absurd to me. I would like to hear from anyone who might be able to help me find more information. Thanks, Michael White at mwhite@lowndes.k12.ga.us. Posted 07 Dec 10

I am trying to help my Mother-in-Law obtain a Purple Heart decoration for my now deceased Father-in-Law. He was Private George DeFilipps. He served in the 83rd Infantry Division from late July in 1944 until he was injured on December 17, 1944 in the first fighting of the Battle of the Bulge. He may have fallen down a stairway or been blown down a stairway during an artillery barrage...the opening of the battle. He was taken from the field after his injury to the 128th Evacuation Hospital in Brandt, Germany. According to the official records he was admitted there as follows:

"1. Trench Foot, bilateral, mod Sv.

2. CW. Coccyx, Mod Sv. Incurred following fall 17 December 1944, Germany."

From there he was moved to the 16th General Hospital in England. He was in the hospital in England for treatment, "Dec. 1944, 976th Hospital, England, 3 months." Our problem at this point is that the Army needs some proof that the injury was "a direct result of enemy action." I wonder if anyone on this list has any idea where the daily morning and combat reports for this time period would be? Again the date was December 17, 1944 with admission into the first hospital on December 18, 1944. George served with the 83rd Infantry Division, 329th Infantry, Company E. Respectfully, Les Buell at LesJaneB@aol.com. Posted 03 Dec 10

My Uncle, PFC Chester Glenn, was transferred into Company D in mid-October 1944. He had been in the replacement pool for the 83rd as he had been wounded earlier (July, 1944) in France. He left his family in New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania in late March 1943 and spent the better part of the next year at Camp Polk in Louisiana. He was assigned to Company M, 331st Infantry and he left New York and was on the water. On May 19, 1944.  Saturday, June 3, 1944, he writes from "somewhere in Wales". Saturday, June 17 he wrote from England with the censors removing where they had come from in Wales. In a letter dated June 25, 1944 he tells his Dad that he will be on a mortar when they get to France. July 12, 1944 he writes from "somewhere in France". Then, a telegram from Ulio, the Adjutant General, that Chester was "slightly wounded" on July 14 in France.  The most recent return address was Company M, 331 Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 83rd Division. On July 22, 1944 he writes from a hospital in England. October 1, 1944 he is listed as "Ground Force Replacement Pool" and, on October 9 he writes to his mother that he is on a boat back to France.  The return address changes again to Company M, 331 Inf., APO 83.  On Friday, October 27, 1944 he started to work in the kitchen. Then, a November 12, 1944 letter comes and he is in Belgium, still working in a kitchen but the return address is 459 Replacement Company, 79th Battalion, APO 153. On Wednesday, November 22, 1944, he writes a very touching "Thanksgiving letter" to his mother with the same 459 Repl. Co., 79th Bn., APO, 153 return address. On Tuesday, November 28 he indicates he is still in Belgium just south of [CENSORED]. On December 3 he tells his Father he is "Germany bound" and he is writing from Belgium. On December 4 he sent his mother a "missing you" card that is in French and the return address changes back to Company M, 331 Inf., APO 83. On Tuesday, December 5, he writes from Luxembourg and the return address changes to Company D, 331 Infantry, APO 83.  December 7 he writes from "somewhere in Germany". On Friday December 22 he is still in Germany.  He writes to both his Father and Mother on December 24, 1944 from "somewhere in Germany". A letter dated Saturday, December 30, somewhat shows his path: "So far since I left the States, I've been in Wales, Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland and now back to Belgium.  We didn't do any fighting in Holland but came through Holland on the way from Germany to Belgium."  He stays in Belgium with Company D through January 9, 1945 which is the last letter we have from him.  He is reported missing in action on January 18, 1945 and on February 12, 1945 J. A. Ulio, now a Major General, writes that with his profound regret, Chester W. Glenn was killed in action on January 18, 1945. I have about 300 letters that my Uncle wrote to various members of his family over the two years of his service.  The letters are mostly to his Mother and Father and describe in vivid detail his camp life, his thoughts, his dreams and above all else "Don't worry about me, I'll be alright". If anyone has an interest in the content of these letters, please get back to me. I would also appreciate very much any information that would help trace my Uncle's path through the war. Thank you. David G. Dalessandro at toppsinorwell@yahoo.com. Posted 26 Nov 10

I have recently found information concerning my Great Uncle Chester Holman and his participation in WWII with the 83rd Division. After my Great Aunt passed, I was left his medals, combat medic badge and a few photos and books because my uncle and I were very close. His participation in WWII was unknown to most of us and I am looking for any information about his journey from any one who may know about it. This has proven to be quite a task as many of those who served with my uncle are unknown to me and/or have already passed away. I also am having a hard time learning how my uncle earned his bronze star. I was hoping that someone would have some information to share or an idea as to where I can get more information from. This is very important to me as my family has a long history of Army pride and I myself and married to a combat medic and the daughter of a soldier as well. I know I am grasping at straws but appreciate any help in documenting my uncle's time in WWII. Sincerely, Courtney R. Hernandez at courtneyrhernandez@yahoo.com. Posted 26 Nov 10

I am not sure if this link was ever posted on this web site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoHd-pOdr3E. It is of  Tony Vaccaro, a photographer who traveled with the Thunderbolt Division. I think anyone interested in what the Thunderbolt Division went through during the war will find this quite interesting. My father-in-law was Maurice Candido who was with the 83rd Thunderbolt Division. Joseph Taragowski. Posted 15 Nov 10

My Grandfather, Pfc Herman Bowling, was with Battery B, 908th Field Artillery, 83rd Division from 13 Oct 1942 to 6 Dec 1945, and was in the Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Europe Campaigns. He was a Gun Crewman Light Artillery (844). His awards include European African Eastern Theater Ribbon, American Theater Ribbon, Victory Medal, Good Conduct lapel button, and Service Medal with five bronze stars. Would love to know more about his service, commanders, battles, etc. My Pawpaw didn't talk much about his time during WWII til shortly before his death. I have a picture of him with some of the men he served with. No names on the photo, willing to share if anyone is interested. Tammy Fields at RockTamFam@aol.com. Posted 11 Nov 10

I noticed a message from 2004 from someone who has the uniform of Sgt Floyd E. Dunlap. Unfortunately, the e-mail address is no longer correct. They were looking for information about Sgt Dunlap. I am his great nephew and may be able to help with some information. I would be happy to correspond with the uniform owner. Stephen Weid at indyweids@earthlink.net. Posted 08 Nov 10

Leo Yakono, a member of the 453rd AAA (AW) Bn, passed away about October 2, 2010. No details. Leo was from Youngstown, Ohio. He will be interred at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery in Rittman, Ohio on Monday, November 8, 2010. His wife, who preceeded him in death a few weeks ago, will be buried with him at Rittman. He was in Battery B, and an original Member of the 83rd AAA (AW) BN. Fred Pearson at 453AAA@windstream.net. Posted 06 Nov 10

I was hoping somebody would remember my Grandfather--he was in the battle of the Hurtgen Forest. I don't have much information, he would never talk about it. Every time he tried he would get so upset he had to leave the room. His name was Lee Watkins and he was a Sergeant, I think, and he was from upstate New York. I know it's not much to go on, but you never know.  He recently passed and I feel like I only knew part of him.  Thanks for any help you can give me. John Del Rio at http://delro018@yahoo.com. Posted 19 Oct 10

I sponsor US soldier Pvt. John C. Evans of the MP Platoon, 83rd Infantry Division. His serial number is 33613006. He was KIA during the the Battle of the Bulge. Died on December 16, 1944. In his memory and thanks to all his brothers in arms who died for our freedom. I go to his tomb regularly, at the cemetery of Henri-Chapelle in Belgium. I will like to come into contact with his family and learn more about Private Evans. I will be happy to obtain more information on him, in particular photographs. Thank you for your help. Daniel DeRocker, Belgium, at danielderocker@yahoo.com.au. Posted 26 Sept 10

I am the niece of John C. Mischler. My husband and I have recently returned from St. James, France, Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial where we visited my Uncle John's grave. Looking back at his military picture I noticed he has a 78th Infantry Division patch (Lightning Division) on his uniform in the picture. We are now wondering...when was he reassigned to the 83rd?  Before or after he left the states? When did the 83rd, that he may have been assigned to, ship out from the US?, Where can I find out what battle(s) he was in? If there are any of his unit still alive that we can contact? This is the information I have about my Uncle: PFC US ARMY, John Christian Mischler, 36812010, 329th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division, Company D, Entered the service from Wisconsin, Born March 4, 1924, Enlisted March 25, 1943, Last letter home was written on August 5, 1944 at a rest camp, Killed in action on August 6, 1944 at the age of 20 years at La Motois, Brittany, France.  Death was caused by enemy artillery shelling near the vicinity of St. Malo. He was posthumously awarded a great number of medals, 11 years after his death.  We are very interested to find out whatever we can about his tour of duty.....family members have little information and his records were burned in the St Louis fire. If any one can help us fill in the gaps please contact us at our e-mail: tjljrueter@sbcglobal.net  Thanks in advance for your help.  Tim and Lorilee Rueter. Posted 12 Sept 10

I went to the cemetery of "Colleville-Sur-Mer" this August 2010 and during my visit, I stopped in front of the grave of PFC Frank Kaminski, 83rd Division, 329th Regiment, killed in action on July 6th, 1944 in Normandy. My surprise was enormous because he is in the grave number 22 in the row 9: I was born on 22/09/1969 and my name is Emmanuel Kaminski. I am looking for any information concerning this soldier: texts, photos, place of the death. I have so far determined that his serial number was 33354254 and he was from Luzerne County, PA. I thank you in advance. Emmanuel Kaminski at emmanuel.kaminski@laposte.net. Posted 02 Sept 10

My name is Jelle Thys, I'm a 16 years old boy and live in Belgium. I recently adopted the graves of two fallen soldiers of the 329th Infantry Regiment and now I am seeking information about those two men. The first is Pfc. Walter S. SLUSZ, 329th Inf.Reg. 83rd Inf.Div. KIA  on December 13, 1944 near Gurzenich (Hurtgen Forrest) and is buried at the American Cemetery of Henri Chapelle, Belgium. His ASN 31048479. The other soldier is Pfc. Edwin H. CRABTREE, 329th Inf. Reg., 83rd Inf. Div. KIA January 20,  1945 in Belgium (Battle of the Bulge). His ASN 1500263. He is also buried at the American Cemetery of Henri Chapelle. Thank you for any information about these soldiers. I would also like to contact any remaining relatives of these two men, it would be great if anyone could help me! Many greetings from Belgium, THYS Jelle at jelthy13@skynet.be. Posted 28 Aug 10

Wetbird Productions, the film company that created Thank You Eddie Hart, the story of a 329th Infantry Veteran buried in Holland, has a new film. Marching Once More interviews soldiers who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, including Richard Alexander, an 83rd Division veteran. Wetbird also has a third WWII film about North Carolina veterans, soon to be aired on Public Television, probably on UNC TV stations in North Carolina. Wetbird Productions has a new website at http://www.wetbirdproductions.com/. Posted 25 Aug 10

I am seeking any information about 2nd Lt. Theodore Kerchman. A member of the 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division. He was listed as KIA in the 83rd web site. Contact Gentle505@aol.com. Posted 20 Aug 10

I am looking for any information regarding my father, Sgt. Thomas C. Medlin, who served in the 324th Field Artillery. He died in 1970, way too soon, and I seek anyone who knew or knew of him. Thank you, Thomas C. Medlin, Jr. at tom_medlin@hotmail.com. Posted 07 Aug 10

I am the son of Arthur R. Smith and would like anyone knowing him from World War II to please contact me by e-mail. He was part of 331st Infantry, 83rd Division. His discharge says Gunner Light Machine 604. I saw he was wounded twice, the first time on 4 July 1944 and the second time on 10 January 1945. I would like anyone that knew him or actually served with him to contact me. I am posting my e-mail here, it is: spanky54@ptd.net.  The last time he was wounded he was hit in a foxhole with artillery shrapnel he had a major wound to his leg. I still have that piece of metal and will always cherish it to remind me of one great man that fought for his country. Posted 30 July 10

I would like to post info about my father in hopes that I could connect with others may have served with him. Pvt. Jerald V. Fonger, 39474100, was a rifleman in Company G, 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division. Active service, Apr. 44 - May 46. He was wounded in the knee in late December 44 or early January 45. He received a Bronze Star as well as Purple Heart. He passed away in Apr 2009. Regards, Jerald P. Fonger at jffonger@bellsouth.net. Posted 21 July 10

I am looking for information about my father, Clarence Junior Barnes.  He was with the 83rd Infantry Division, Company A, 331st Infantry. The stories that he told were that he was deployed and landed on Normandy Beach on July 17, 1944 and shot by a fellow who landed with him. As my father lay in the sand breaking his gun down, a German soldier spotted him and took him as a POW. He was held from July 17, 1944 to August 8, 1944 when the Americans recaptured the town where he was being held. My father died January 12, 2010 from Alzehemiers. He did not speak of the war until the last few years of his illness. I am looking for any information that anyone can share.  How do I find information regarding his POW status? Thank you in advance. Donald Barnes at dlbarnes52@yahoo.com. Posted 19 July 10

I received a post from a gentleman in Deland, Florida in regards to my inquiry for Leo T Hury. [See message below posted on 28 June 10.]  Unfortunately, the email got deleted.  If the gentleman in Deland sees this, please email me back. Thanks, Tom Hury at Broward@aol.com. Posted 10 July 10

I am looking information about a soldier of Company I/330th Infantry Regiment who was in my village during the Battle of the Bulge. Doing my researches, I talk with a person who remember very well a GI's called "Paul" who was wounded at the left forearm by a sniper shot. The soldier did not want to go at the hospital, and removed the bullet himself. He was student in the medicine. He was native from North, at the border of Quebec, but lived at Chicago with his parents who were jewelers. He was a catholic and asked to the priest of Malempre to give the benediction to his soldiers. He befriended a young boy of 13 years when he was in a cellar during the battle. Just before he was wounded he participated in a patrol and many of his men were killed by artillery shells. In my reports, I found a T/Sgt Paul A. DODSON - Company I/330th Infantry Regiment, LAW on January 8th, 1945.  Does any anyone remember Paul and could they confirm this information? Is Paul still living? In advance, thank you. Eddy Monfort , Malempre - Belgium. Email: e.monfort@belgacom.net. Posted 10 July 10

Looking for information on service record of my uncle Solomon Furstenberg, Army 36 831 392. We have limited information on his service as he was reticent on his experiences. The NPRC provided limited information and advised that his files were apparently destroyed in the records center fire. He died in 1987. Dates of service 9-8-43 to 12-6-45. We believe that he was involved in D-Day. I believe that he was wounded near Bastogne during the Bulge, possibly on 12-27-44. He may have served as a concentration camp guard after recovering from his wounds. He was awarded a purple heart, bronze star medal w/ 1 oak leaf cluster in addition to service stars, campaign medals badges and bars. We have a partial page of his records that identifies him as CO E 330 INF. We wonder if this refers to the 330th infantry Company E and if there are other sources of info. that we could investigate. Philip I. Levine at pile@mindspring.com. Posted 04 July 10

Lt. Leo T. Hury, Company M, 3rd Battalion, 330th Infantry, 83rd Division, has asked his son to take him to Europe to visit sites he fought at. We are seeking help in finding the name of a village in Brittany. The 3rd Battalion of the 330th was assigned to Task Force A in the Battle of Brittany. On or about August 12 they came to a village where the Germans were successfully holding a defensive position in a cemetery on the outskirts of a village. Lt. Hury, with the assistance of a local Frenchman, climbed a church steeple overlooking the cemetery and directed mortar fire from Company M that lead to the capture of 78 Germans. We are trying to find the name of this village so we can visit it and hopefully find the church steeple. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tom Hury at Broward@aol.com , Flagler Beach, Florida. Posted 28 June 10

My great uncle, PVT. Fred A. King, served in the 331st Infantry and was KIA in Normandy on July 4, 1944His service number was 34377465. I would appreciate any information that anyone might have about him and how he died. The information that the family was given was minimal. My name is Denice King and my email is denice9@bellsouth.net. Thank-you. Posted 14 June 10

My name is Jolanda Hogeboom and I live in the Netherlands. We have adopted an American soldier named S/SGT Walter E. Blair, ASN 32207611. He was in the 330th Infantry and he died on 9 December 1944. His name is on the Wall-of the-Missing on the American Cemetery in Margraten Holland. I am doing a lot of research of him, his background, to make him more personal than just a name. He and all the others  gave their lives so that we could live in peace and freedom again. Their sacrifies should never be forgotten, and they deserve all our Respect and Honor. Maybe someone can help me to find out more about him, so he can have his own web page, so that he will never be forgotten. Jolanda Hogeboom at blauweapd@hotmail.com. Posted 02 June 10

I am seeking any information about Private Elmer O. Mace who served in Europe during WWII with the 83rd Division and the 331st Infantry. He was my uncle. Thank you. Robert Reed at acns@aol.com. Posted 01 June 10

Memorial Day, May 31, 2010

gold star pin

This tiny pin is a blinding beacon to those who understand its meaning. Unfortunately, it goes unrecognized by most Americans. It is the Gold Star, and if you see someone wearing this pin today console them and thank them for their sacrifice.

My 4th cousin served with the 331st Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division. His name was PFC Jay Sutton from Aynor, South Carolina. I do not know what company he was in. He was KIA on 11 Jan 1945 during the Battle of the Bulge.  He was awarded the Bronze Star. If anyone has information as to what company he was assigned to or photographs of the 331st Regiment it would be very much appreciated. I can be reached at palmetto_man@hotmail.com  God Bless our Veterans and God Bless America. Posted 29 May 10

Adam Sutton Seeking anyone who may have known my father, Tito C. Pedicini from Chicago, IL, who was a member of the 329th Infantry Regiment, Company K during WWII . You may contact me at biddiebird@msn.com Thank you. Posted 29 May 10

My husband Chester Dukeman is now 96 and he served in the 83rd Division, 331st Infantry Regiment, Company A, landing on Omaha Beach and fighting through the Battle of the Bulge. He was 31 when he was drafted, and the younger men used to call him "mom" because he was always cooking in his helmet. He would dearly like information on Captain Wilfred Barber (later Major Barber). If anyone can provide any information please contact me. Thanks, Joan at wiggy33@verizon.net. Posted 13 May 10

I am honored to be able to e- mail this site. My father-in-law served with the 330th Regiment, 83rd Division. His name was PFC Dominick Vecchione from New York. I do not know what company he was in. He served for 20 months in the European Theater as a Military Policeman  and awarded the Purple Heart  and Combat Infanty Badge. If anyone has information as to what company he was assigned to or photographs of the the 330th Regiment it would be very much appreciated. I can be reached at dewars1957@yahoo.com  God Bless our Veterans and God Bless America. Posted 11 May 10

I'm bumping up this post as a reminder that my Dad's book is still available for $18 and he's still alive (and well) to sign it. Contact devitt@spacestar.net. "Shavetail" is subtitled "The Odyessy of an Infantry Lieutenant in World War II." Written by William L. Devitt, a platoon leader in E Company/330th Infantry Regiment, the book has received glowing reviews. The U.S. Army War College calls Devitt's book "...a brutally honest recounting of what war is all about. From his criticism of the decisions made by senior leaders to insights into his own perceived weaknesses and misgivings, Devitt tells a tale that all who have experienced combat or the fear of battle can empathize with." "Shavetail" is must reading for anyone interested in the 83rd Division. The book can be ordered from North Star Press of St. Cloud. Posted 08 May 10

The 64th Annual Reunion of the 83rd Infantry Division Association will be held August 11-15, 2010 at the Williamsburg Hospitality House Hotel, Williamsburg, VA. An Acrobat file containing complete information, including activities registration and hotel room reservation request forms, can be downloaded by clicking here. Posted 22 Apr 10

My grandfather, Richard L. Steeb, was a T5 in the 736th Tank Battalion.  I am researching for a documentary and would like any information, photos, etc. from anyone whose family member trained at Camp Bouse, AZ and was a part of the Top Secret CDL (Canal Defense Light) 1942-1945. Thanks, Todd J. Ray, Producer/Director, KSMG Public Television. Email, tray@ksmq.org. Posted 21 Apr 10

[Webmaster note: The 736th Tank Battalion was attached to the 83rd Division from 6 Feb 1945 to 29 July 1945.]

My dad, Ambrose "Hank" McDonald was from Tremont, Pennsylvania and was a medic in the 322nd Field Artillery Battalion. On December 18, 1944, in the Hurtgen Forest, Germany, as a medic, my father gave aid to and rescued two new grieviously injured replacements that had run into a roped off mine field during enemy fire. He made two trips into the mine field to bring each of them out and was awarded the Bronze Star. Dad passed away in 1997, but brought home photos from the war - one photo in particular was a group photo showing other medics besides himself in the photo (he is partially cut off). As my dad has the names listed on the back of the photograph, I thought maybe other surviving medics in the 83rd or their descendants might be interested.

Here are the names as my father has them listed on the back of the photo--Front Row: Ambrose McDonald, Joe Fogelman, Moyne, Rider, Red Zaayer; 2nd Row: Bradley, Culver, Kennedy, Adams, Scott. If anyone knew my dad, please contact me, Laurie McDonald Maley, his daughter, a descendant member of the 83rd Infantry Division, at my E-mail address of Celticgirl53@comcast.net. My dad talked little about the war. Just a few funny stories - my dad was also a practical joker. He drove a jeep a lot in the war I understand. We have a large photograph of him driving it. He also talked of sleeping on a golf course. Funny, as in the '60s he took up golf....Also, if anyone has a history of the 322nd Field Artillery Battalion, could they contact me? I have seen histories for others on the web but not the 322nd. Thanks! Posted 19 Apr 10

I would welcome any info about my father Laverne A. Fink, 83rd Division, 329thInfantry, Company D I believe. He served from 15 Jan 1945 to 9 Jan 1946. David Fink at finker1@charter.net. Posted 19 Apr 10

My name is Gido Hordijk. I'm 21 years old and I live in the Netherlands. My grandfather was forced to work in Germany during the war. After the war he became a translator for the Allied forces. When he went home, he got some postal addresses and names from US and Canadian soldiers. He stayed in contact with them for years. My grandfather died a few years ago and I got all his stuff from the war. One of the soldiers was Pvt Myron Schorr, 42176879, Co D, 330th Infantry, A.P.O. 83, 837 Ave Z, Brooklyn, New York. I am very curious about what happened during the war, Who Mr. Schorr was, and what became of him. If anyone has any information, please contact me. Thank you, Gido Hordijk at gido.hordijk17@hotmail.com. Posted 16 Apr 10

I am looking to find out more information about what my grandfather went through before being wounded and sent home. I was too young to know when he was alive. If anyone has information or knew my grandfather I would love to hear from you. His name was First Sergeant Dwight D. Zassenbraker. His serial number was 36122373 and he was drafted in Detroit, Michigan. I would love any and all information to help pass along to some very interested middle school students that I teach history to. I can be reached at zassenbraker@hotmail.com. Thank you, Damon Zassenbraker. Posted 16 Apr 10

My father, Casper "Moe" Marconi, was a rifleman in F Company, 331st Infantry Regiment.  This photo was taken in Belgium in 1944. He passed away in July 1967 in Columbus Ohio. He left a wife and two children. If anyone remembers my father please contact Gary Marconi at marconi12@comcast.net. Thank you. Posted 09 Apr 10

My name is Chip Henneman, President and founder of the World War II Era Preservation Society. I have come into possession of a copy of Thunderbolt Across Europe and a letter posthumously awarding 1st Lt. Albert N. Kimball the Silver Star. He died of wounds from sniper fire January 10, 1945 in Behain, Belgium. He was a member of the 330th Infantry Regiment. I am looking for any information about him and I am hoping that somebody may have a photograph of him so we can do a display to honor him and the men of the 83rd. I can be reached at ww2buff39_45@msn.com. Thank you, Chip Henneman, The World War II Era Preservation Society. Posted 05 Apr 10

I am researching the actor S/Sgt Neville Brand who was with the 331st Infantry at Neuss and the Weser River. I would like to hear from anyone with information about Sgt. Brand or the unit he was with, the steps he may have taken from arriving in Europe in December 1944 until being wounded at the Weser in April 1945. Please email Jerry at kov22334@tampabay.rr.com. Thank you. Posted 24 Mar 10

I have in my possession a large Kriegsmarine flag signed by approximately 36 soldiers of Company K, 329th Infantry. There are two handwritten "legends" on the flag that read:
Captured at St. Malo, France, Aug. 15, 1944
Captured by Co. K. 329 Inf.
Some of the handwritten names on the flag include:
The commanding officer, Lt. J.J. Markowitz
Lt. W. T. Rikin ( Gulfport, MS )
S/Sgt. Wm. Walker, Mess Sgt.
Sgt. Harold R. Bloom ( Detroit, MI )
S/Sgt. Dave B. Huff ( Los Angeles, CA )
1st Platoon Runner, Sayril ( ? ) ( Erie, PA )
Cpl. Joseph V. Smith ( Norfolk, VA )
Harold E. Gray, H.Q. Platoon ( Qunicy, IL )
Pvt. Paul Starnes ( Lancaster, KY )
Pvt. William H. Cooke ( Norfolk, VA )
I can be contacted at the following e-mail addresses: anthonygiovia@yahoo.com or agiovia@wilentz.com. Anthony Giovia. Posted 24 Mar 10

I am seeking information about two soldiers. A friend and I have adopted the graves of these veterans and would like to know more about them. The first is Harry Boslooper of the 777th AAA. He died on 15 August 1944 and is buried at Brittany American Cemetery. His serial number was 36586797. The other soldier is Roger R. Boivin of the 329th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division. He died 11 August 1944 in St. Malo. His serial number was 31283233. He is also buried at Brittany American Cemetery. Thank you for any information about these soldiers. Jean-Marc Simon at JEANMARCBEBERT@AOL.COM Posted 23 Mar 10

There are two Facebook pages now online about the 83rd Infantry Division. The first is the 83rd Thunderbolt Division-Database which was created by Remy Mortelette in France. The other is the United States Army 83rd Infantry Division created by Mark Miller. Posted by Dave Curry at davecurry@ncweb.com. Posted 17 Mar 10

Hugh Alexander McMullan was my uncle. His serial number was 3438198, and he was in the 331st Infantry, 83rd Division. He was KIA on July 11, 1944. I have heard so many stories from my mother. She named me after Hugh. She has always wondered what happened to him. My mother and I would greatly appreciate any information about him. Especially any info from July 11. God bless the Greatest Generation. Thanks, Alex Hinson at hinsoa2@att.net. Posted 08 Mar 10

I am looking for any survivors from the 908th Field Artillery, Battery C who might have known my father, Raymond P. Halvorsen. He passed away January, 1981. I have several old pictures from their time in Belgium and Luxembourg. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Lars Halvorsen at Lars5@suddenlink.net. Posted 08 Mar 10

The 65th Annual Reunion of the 83rd Infantry Division Association will be held August 11-15, 2010 at the Willliamsburg Hospitality House Hotel, phone 757-229-4020. Information about activities and registration fees will be posted on this message board when it becomes available. Posted 04 Mar 10

My father, 1st Lt. George Danciu served as a rifle platoon leader in B Company, 1st Battalion, 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry DivisionHe was wounded on 12 July 1944 just east of Sainteny and died 2 years later.  I have a letter written to him by Lt.Col. Henry Neilson naming several different soldiers, one being Danny Moore.  Please email any information to patti_belden@msn.com. Posted 22 Feb 10

I regret to announce that Sgt. Edward A. Tylor of the 331st Infantry, 83rd Division, passed away on February 8, 2010, 2 months shy of his 85th birthday.  He served from Sept 10, 1943 through Dec 6, 1945.  His serial number was 42 010 539.  Anyone who knew my father is invited to write me at rtylor@cox.net. Richard Tylor. Posted 22 feb 10

I am looking for any information about my great uncle Joseph Havlicek (PFC, 16143706, 329th Infantry, 83rd Division). He was killed in action on July 4, 1944. I would like to know more about the circumstances of his death and his experiences in the 83rd in general. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at djarzen@yahoo.com. Thanks, Donielle Jarzen. Posted 21 Feb 10

New documents are available at the 83rd Division Documents Website. These papers are the Rhine-Ruhr-Elbe Operation Part 1 and Rhine-Ruhr-Elbe Operation Part 2. These papers include many interviews with 83rd officers, and provide abundant evidence for the Sixth Battle Star for the 83rd Division. When you get to the Documents Website, click on the Documents link at the left side of the page. Or you can go directly to the documents by clicking on this link: http://83rdinfdivdocs.org/documents.html. Posted 20 Feb 10

My Father, Alfred J. Wozniak (nickname: LUCKIE), served in WWII in the 83rd Division, Co. F, 331st Infantry, 2nd Battalion. I am sorry to say that my father passed away on December 11, 2001 from a sudden heart attack that took him from us within hours. I miss him very much and would like to chat with anyone that knew him or has any info about him in Europe and what he witnessed there. He talked a lot about his army days (Burchess Gardens, Battle of the Bulge, D-Day...etc) He worked for the TACOM (Army Tank Command) for 35 years after the war. He spoke a lot about D-Day and his friends in his group that got killed that day he was a very proud man and never forgot why he fought in WWII. I know he was wounded badly in Europe (buried alive and assumed dead....hence the name "LUCKIE") After the war he married my mom and raised 3 wonderful sons (Duane, Gary and David). My brother Duane preceeded him in 1994. My wife Lori and I are still living in Michigan as well as my Mom ( Bernardine Wozniak) (they were just 26 days shy of their 50th wedding anniversary when my father died) and Gary. Contact me at djwozni2@oakland.edu Thanks, David Wozniak. Posted 01 Feb 10

Hello, I am searching for information about my grandfather, Sgt. Roger B. Cross (#33902946), who served in 329th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division. It's my understanding that he was injured on January 10th 1945 on the assault on Petite Langlir, and he died on January 11th. I have read some accounts of the action, but I would like to know more about the circumstances of his death and his entire time in the 83rd. If anyone has any details or stories or if there is anyone who knew or served with him, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank for your help. Please contact Alex Bhattacharji at alexb718@gmail.com. Posted 31 Jan 10

I am trying to find anyone that may have fought with my father in Belgium/France. My father's name was Allen Leroy Christ. He lived in Leesport, Pa. He fought with the 83rd and was wounded in the battle of the Hurtgen Forest, I belive in January 45. I can be reached at todchrist@yahoo.com. Thank you, Todd Christ. Posted 30 Jan 10

Hello, I am searching for more information about my cousin, PFC Raymond E. Arlitt (ID: 38631268) from Texas. He served with the 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division, (Company unknown), and was KIA on April 18, 1945 by sniper fire in the vicinity of Breitenhagen, Germany. Raymond trained at Camp Fannin, Texas and deployed to the European Theater of Operations in 1944. I would like to know more about his time in the service and the circumstances surrounding his death from anyone who may have known or served with him. Kind regards, and thank you. Contact John Arlitt (jarlitt@gmail.com). Posted 25 Jan 10

My grandfather, Thomas H. Fess, (# 35497550) was a member of the 83rd Division, 329th Infantry, Company K.  He was wounded on July 5th, 1944, and evacuated to the U.S. where he spent a little over 10 months at Keesler Field, Mississippi in recovery.  His point of discharge was Squadron H 3704 AAF Base Unit.  He was awarded a Bronze Star along with the Purple Heart.  His last classification was 675 Messenger.  I have read small bits of information regarding the action of the 83rd on July 3-5th, 1944.  Any information from anyone who served with him would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact me at keith.baumann@samtec.com. Posted 22 Jan 10

Hello 83rd Infantry Division: I am the tour leader for the Valor Tours, Ltd., "Crossing the Rhine: From Market Garden to Remagen" tour which will visit the Huertgen Forest in September. In preparing our itinerary, we seek more information on museums, sites, guides, and other historical contacts than might be available online. Because the 83rd fought there, we are asking for your assistance. Please provide any such information you would share with us, or refer us to other sources. Thank you very much, Wilbur D. Jones, Jr., CAPT, USNR (Ret.), Author/Military Historian at www.wilburjones.com, representing Valor Tours, Ltd. Posted 22 Jan 10


I was wondering if anyone remembers my Dad, Carl B. Holland, S Sgt, Co A/330th Infantry?  I know he recieved a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.  He entered the service in Oct. 1942 (not sure when he was discharged).  His serial # was 35 449 338.  He was a platoon sergeant, rifle and second in charge of 38 infantrymen.  That is about all I know.  Would love to hear any stories about him or any pictures.  He died in 1954 after the war so I don't know much about him. Thanks, Karla Holland-Scholer at hollandk@hughes.net. Posted 14 Jan 10

Hello. I am seeking information about my Uncle, Pvt. Joseph M. Nicksic, 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division (Serial Number 35387116). He was KIA July 5, 1944 and is buried at Normandy American Cemetery.  That is about all I know of him, and I am committed to keeping his memory alive. Any information would be greatly appreciated. George Phillips at georgemichaelphillips@yahoo.com. Posted 13 Jan 10

I'm looking for anyone that has photos or stories from their friends or relatives about the men in Company I, 330th Infantry regiment, 83rd Infantry Division.  My great uncle, Maurice H. Raley, was KIA 10 July 1944 in Hotot, France and is buried in St. Mere Eglise American Cemetery.  His Army Serial Number: 35714386. Tim Cox at timdcoxsf@gmail.com. Posted 09 Jan 10

With deep sorrow, I must report the passing of Larry Dalton, 2nd Platoon, F Company, 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division on 31 Dec 2009. Mr. Dalton is one of my personal heroes--he did the dirty job of fighting WWII on the front lines and took care of his "boys," one of whom was my Dad. His obituary follows. Dave Curry at davecurry@ncweb.com. Posted 01 Jan 10

Mr. Larry Lee Dalton, Sr, son of the late Virgil and Janie Dalton, was born on January 23, 1922 at Kidder, Kentucky, and he departed this life at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Louisville, KY on December 31, 2009 having attained the age of 87 years.

He was united in marriage to Jessie Yahnig on July 5, 1947. Survivors include; two daughters, Rhonda (and Pete) Compise of Henryville, IN; Karen (and Kent) Robson of Gridley, IL; two sons, Larry (and Shari) Dalton of Martinsburg, IN and Dewayne Dalton of Ann Arbor, MI; two grandsons Kyle and Kelsey Robson, five granddaughters, Kathryn and Kia Robson, and Melody, Rachel and Nancy Dalton as well as other relatives and friends who mourn his passing. Other than his parents, he was also preceded in death by; two brothers, James Sidis Dalton and Robert Harold Dalton.

Larry was a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. During his military service he was awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts along with other medals and pins. During World War II he received a battlefield commission to Lieutenant. During the Korean War he was company commander training troops at Camp Atterbury, IN. He was a retired Correctional Officer for the State of IN. Larry was a life member of the VFW Lodge 1083 of Crothersville, IN and a life member of the George Rogers Clark Chapter of the DAV, New Albany, IN, and a member of the Blue River Masonic Lodge # 457 F & AM in Fredericksburg, IN.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 AM Monday January 4, 2010 at the Chapel of the Pulaski Funeral Home with Rev. Bryan Ragan officiating; burial will follow in the Liberty Cemetery at Kidder, KY with military honors conducted by the American Legion Post #38.

The family of Mr. Larry Dalton will receive friends and relatives at the Pulaski Funeral Home (Somerset, KY) from 5 to 8 p.m. Sunday, January 2, 2010. Expressions of sympathy may take the form of contributions to the Jimmy V Foundation for cancer research. (Contact http://www.jimmyv.org/)

I am looking for information about PVT George Leon Baker from Oklahoma. He was in the 330th Infantry Regiment, and is listed as KIA on December 3rd 1944, but no one knows the circumstance. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Jeff Champlin at jeff.champlin@yahoo.com. Posted 01 Jan 10


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