Through the Mists of Time--an Album of F Company Photographs

The following collection of photographs was contributed by John R. O'Brien, nephew of S/Sgt. William T. Oliver, one of the GIs in the Luxembourg photo at the beginning of the Brothers-In-Arms website. It is a remarkable collection that documents primarily the 2nd Platoon, F Company. Our sincere thanks to John and his aunt, Mrs. Margaret Oliver, for allowing us to present these photos.

William T. Oliver began his service in the Army with the 42nd Rainbow Division, but ended up in the 83rd Division. While he was with the 83rd, he was awarded the Bronze Star for action in Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany between November 2, 1944 and February 16, 1945, and was awarded the Silver Star for action in Loveling, Germany on March 1, 1945. It was during this action in Loveling that Lt. Larry Dalton was also awarded the Silver Star. On April 5th S/Sgt. Oliver was wounded in Germany and returned to the States. He spent the better part of a year at Hines VA Hospital recovering from his wounds. S/Sgt. Oliver and his wife, Margaret, have three children, eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. S/Sgt. Oliver passed away on August 4, 1982.

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S/Sgt. Oliver in the Loire Valley

Best buddies--Lt. Larry Dalton and S/Sgt. William Oliver.

Colestro and S/Sgt. Oliver

Pfc. Tom Curry

"Doc" Berrardi

"Doc" Berrardi and Sgt. Larry Dalton taken in late 1944

Medic Berrardi, Norman Neily, and Pfc. Tom Curry

S/Sgt. Oliver, Lt. Lancaster, Lt. Dalton, Capt. Mitchell

Sgt. Mayberry, Loire Valley, 1944

Hershell McIntosh and Sherman Curry, Thanksgiving in Luxembourg

Another Thanksgiving photo with Sgt. Durwood Root in background (wearing glasses)

Sgt. Dawson, Larry Dalton, Bill Oliver, S/Sgt. Nelson, S/Sgt. Kerr

Lt. Alson E. Lancaster and Captain Robert A. Mitchell, taken in Loire Valley, 1944

Lt. Lancaster

Unidentified 331st GI, taken in Belgium or Luxembourg, 1944

Two unidentified 331st GI's, time and place unknown

Sgt. Oliver with a stogey

Sergeants Dalton and Dawson, Normandy 1944

Another photo 2nd Platoon, F Company. Front row, left to right, are Sgt. Oliver, Sgt. Dawson, Sgt. Cooper, and Lt. Lancaster. Second row, left to right, are Norman Neily, Sgt. Nelson, and unidentified GI.

Awards ceremony, Sgt. Oliver, at right (wearing 83rd Div. patch)

Five sergeants on leave in Paris. Taken in front of main railway station. Left to right, S/Sgt. Kimple, S/Sgt. Kelly, S/Sgt. Oliver, S/Sgt. Lacinski, S/Sgt. Nelson

Railway map of Paris given to GIs on leave

Lieutenants Dalton and Lancaster

Lt. Dalton and Sgt. Oliver writing home

German propaganda dropped on F Company

Hot chow for F Company

Campfire in the Hurtgen Forest


Had we lived in kinder times
Would our paths have ever crossed?
A Brother's love would I have lost?

Our blood was mixed on fields of fire.
And together we watched night's glowing sky
Dreading who would be next to die.

O my Brothers, where are you now?
Do you dwell on some nearby star
Whose soft light shines God's gentle peace upon my brow?
--To remind me of what we once were
And now will always be.

Had we lived in kinder times
Would we still be Brothers-In-Arms?

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